Growing in Depth - December

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God With Us: Your Christmas Journey

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December may be a time of year when moments of peace and quiet reflection are in short supply. God With Us: Your Christmas Journey is designed to help you make the most of such moments whenever you can.

It offers thirteen short and simple reflections to help you explore the message of so many Christmas readings and carols - that God is with us.

There is one for each day from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day, as well as one each for the four weeks of Advent.

Each reflection is accompanied by a picture, a challenge and a short Bible reading to help you make connections between the Christmas story and your own life, and take the next step on your journey of faith.

Copies available at £1.50 from Rendlesham Churches or online

The Little Book of Advent is an excellent collection of readings from some of the most celebrated modern-day spiritual writers, with passages specially selected for each day of Advent.

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