Growing in Depth: May - Thy Kingdom Come

How do you Talk to God?
Do you find somewhere quiet and private
and whisper, or do you climb a mountain
and shout into the clouds?
Do you pray all the time or does it just happen
in a crisis and in the darkest moments of life?
However and wherever you do it-
praying is a good thing.
A survey a few years ago found that
people who prayed were generally happier
and live longer than those who didn’t.
This isn’t the only reason to get on your knees.
For Christians prayer is a lifeline-
it has even been described as our oxygen.
....Diane, a working mother of two children, [says] “What I now realise is that there isn’t
a right way or a wrong way to pray,
it’s just what’s in your heart,
what’s in your mind and it’s just opening yourself up to that moment of stillness and quietness.”
— Rachel Farmer

Nine Days of Prayer

"I invite you to join me and Christians across the globe as we pray together for God to renew us for the transformation of both ourselves and our world" - Archbishop Justin Welby

Click the link below for this excellent "Nine Days of Prayer" guide and use it at a time and place which suits you.

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